Parkinson Cafe

March 3, 2016, I had the privilege of working with a group of people gathered to give each other support and guidance as they discussed their personal trials and success. Some spoke of not having control over their body, no longer being able to multi-task, and coping with the discomfort they see in the eyes of other people because their body now shakes outside of their control. The group also spoke about appreciating what they can do, the joy experienced by doing and the freedom from disavowing limited thinking. The group allowed me to share my two loves, Art Therapy and Ageless Grace, for their morning activity. During the Art therapy experiential, we painted to music using large paper so as not to limit any creative energy. Some of the group members already practiced art making finding it soothing and uplifting. For others, it was their first time and they found the experience enjoyable. One group member inquired about where to purchase supplies, I think to incorporate art-making as a new pursuit. Joy!
During the Ageless Grace portion, we focused on movement to music in a chair. The group already planned to have another Ageless Grace Instructor later in the season, so I didn’t want to give away too much of the educating. I reviewed some basic safety pointers to engaging in this wonderful expressive exercise in a chair, then we proceeded to use three of the 21 tools as well as exercising the funny bone.
This is a great group of warm, inviting, supportive people. Thank you for allowing me to share art making and movement with you.
The Parkinson Café meets monthly from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. October through April at the River Club Caddyshack, 6600 River Club Blvd., in Bradenton. Go to or call Parkinson Café Founder Lynn B. Schramek at 941.351.6281 for more information.

Lisa R.W. Richardson
Lisa R.W. RichardsonMental Health Counselor & Art Therapist
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