AFH S-M Creative Force Meeting

Arts For Health Sarasota-ManateeWelcome: Acknowledging this is a difficult day for many in our nation, as is many days are challenging for people in the world. Trauma is not exclusive to a select few, nor is it any less traumatic if we are not personally affected. We gather here today as a group of individuals who wish to help people, including ourselves, heal. We want and need to teach people to heal through their innate creativity. It seems to me the purpose of our existence is to create. We understand the significance of creative expression in our lives, and science is helping to support our voice. The steps we are taking, as individual threads in this beautiful tapestry we know as life, is to teach and share creative experiences that promote feelings of safety, harmony, satisfaction.

Please allow us to come together with open heart and mind to learn from each other, share ideas, and make steps towards fulfilling our heart’s desire of filling the world with creative expression.

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